Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Begining...

The new year brings a chance to reflect upon the past and look forward to the future.  As I thought about my past and the present I came to realize that if I continue on the path I am currently on I will likely have very little future.

Currently I weigh 435 pounds, at my height I should weigh around 150 pounds.  My ultimate goal is get down to 200 pounds, which means I need to lose 235 pounds.  A daunting task to be sure but with your help and encouragement I believe I can do it.

This blog will be used to report my progress to the friends and family I have asked to help me along the way.  I will be posting daily my information that I am tracking which will include what I eat, and drink, how I've slept, as well as the exercise I do.  In the beginning my exercise will be mostly walking because honestly it's all I can do at the moment.

A lot of the information I share will be in the form of screen shots of the apps I am using to track my day to day progress.  The apps I am using are DreamMapper to track my CPAP use, UP to track my food and water intake, my sleep, and my daily steps along with whatever other exercise I work up to doing.

Here is an example of what I will be posting daily:

 This is my CPAP app listing my AHI, Usage, and Mask Fit for the night.

This app shows my sleep score, my steps for the day and my food intake.  The food score helps me to see how well I ate for the day.  The higher the number out of 10 the better I have done for the day.

Well that is all for today, a new post will be up tomorrow.  Have a great Tuesday!

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